Your Own ShangriLa in Toronto

The fictional city of Shangri-La, created by author James Hilton, has long been synonymous with the idea of living in paradise, the ideal situation. The idea behind this mythical city, that of the utmost in comfortable living, has been brought to Toronto by the developers of one of the city's latest condominium developments, the Living Shangri-La. The Living Shangri-La is located right next to the Toronto Harbour, offering residents a stunning, daily view of the very best that Canada's largest city has to offer.

The development is within easy walking distance to the major downtown business areas as well as opportunities for shopping and entertainment. In addition to condominiums, the development (due for completion in 2011) will include a 200-room luxury hotel as part of is 65 storeys. Let's take a quick look at what else this paradise condominium has to offer. Amenities Truly, the essence of easy living can be found in the amenities that the Shangri-La has to offer.

The CHI Health Club and Spa top the list with a fully equipped, luxurious and spacious exercise facility, which includes an aerobics room and all the latest in fitness equipment. Residents will find the pool area exactly matches the idea of paradise; entirely encase in glass, the heated indoor pool and hot tub area offers one of the most relaxing, modern decks to be found in the city. Residents of the Shangri-La can also look forward to their own private lobby, 24-hour concierge service, a fully functional Business Centre, private banquet rooms, and a first class fine dining restaurant and lounge. Architecture The Shangri-La is meant to grab the attention of residents and passers by alike and inculcate them with a sense of wonder, and so architecture becomes of the utmost importance.

The 65-storey building towers from the Toronto landscape, the work of a team of dedicated architects with decades of experience. From the ultra chic angles and glass look, to the rooftop gardens right into individual spaces including closets, the utmost care has been given to add a touch of luxury of every aspect of living at the Shangri-La.

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