Your MLM Dream Of Profit Put Into True Perspective

The MLM Industry is characterised by massive failure rates and financial losses for millions of people and the 'dream' is that 97% of all MLM businesses will fail. The standard MLM marketing strategies are designed to focus in and push the 'greed' button of people with talk about financial security, accumulating assets and a lifestyle that is generally out of reach of the normal network marketer. In fact with these statistics it should be known as Must Lose Money - this is what most people end up doing. The standard approach to multi level marketing is glossy brochures or videotapes which are obvious and a blatant appeal to your greed and dreams of making that million. Here is a small list of strategies that are pushed upon the masses and will be pretty obvious to those diehard multi level marketers who have been there and struggled: Become a Distributor or Rep - "You can earn a wholesale income by just retailing the product and residual income as you build your organisation.", The product is so good it sells itself - "You just need to talk to people because everybody needs and wants this product.

", Mass marketing including newspaper, brochures, flyers - "Be consistent and do massive marketing day in day out, week in week out" - on the whole this is very expensive and time consuming. Attend all meetings and seminars - generally aimed at 'motivating' you with hype and stories of success and enormous profit, Qualifications to work your way up the ladder - "You just need to accumulate this many volumes, recruit this many people or sell this much, to get to the next level." Don't forget this is supposed to be YOUR home based MLM business - isn't it? Can you relate to this - I can, I've been there and done that. However, the true perspective of your dream is not lost and you can truly market your MLM for little or no money - without conforming to the standard MLM strategies that have failed us up to this point. Let me ask you a question "What is the most important asset in your business?" Yes the answer is YOU, and yet, we generally fail ourselves by not having the mindset of a business owner and the skill set to genuinely operate a successful home based MLM business.

Mastering the marketing industry with skills and techniques that truly work can be your saviour and rarely utilised within the MLM industry. Remember, there is something in the quote "Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day, but teach a man to fish and he will eat for the rest of his life.".

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