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BOZEMAN, Mont. -- Zoot Enterprises, a leading provider of advanced instant credit decisioning and loan origination solutions, announced Version 6.0 of its WebRules(TM) Business Rules Developer. Zoot's WebRules tool is an object-oriented graphical interface for the development and on-going management of custom business rules and logic. Version 6.0 provides new functionality and interface enhancements for all previous versions of WebRules, and provides financial institutions with a higher level of control in developing their own business logic without programmer assistance.

"WebRules 6.0 gives Zoot's clients more direct control over their applications," said Tom Johnson, vice president of New Product Development at Zoot Enterprises. "In most business rules applications, attributes are predefined by the software developer and are unable to be edited. This latest version provides financial institutions with the capacity to edit their attributes directly, and refine the variables with which credit is assigned without the need for custom code or weeks to reconfigure the business rules. Version 6.0 enables institutions to manage applications in real-time.

" The Attribute Editor feature enables the user to directly create and manage attributes (e.g., the number of accounts 30 days past due or the total amount of credit extended to someone) that create the base level of their decisioning logic. This allows institutions to make refinements to their business rules that have the potential to considerably impact their bottom line. Other new features include the integration of Zoot Credit Characteristics(TM) Library (ZCC - Zero Core Contribution ZCC - Zone Compliance Coordinator (State Farm Insurance) ZCC - zone of calcified cartilage)(TM), shared libraries and SPOC - Saturn Performance Owners Club SPOC - Science Planning and Operations Center SPOC - Search and Rescue Point of Contact SPOC - Shuttle Payload of Opportunity Carrier (NASA) SPOC - Single Person of Contact SPOC - Single Point Of Contact SPOC - Single Point Orbit Calculator SPOC - Space Operations Center SPOC - Special Access Required (SAR) Programs Oversight Committee (USAF) SPOC - Steaming Pile of Crap 3 compatibility enhancements. ZCC's are Zoot's pre-defined library of credit characteristics or attributes that allow customers to deploy changes quickly, without having to custom program their own set of attributes.

Integration with WebRules means business analysts can start with a standard library, then customize the attributes to improve their organization's credit quality. The shared libraries application, a common database for enterprise users, allows different lines of business within an organization to share business rules. Consequently, the organization can facilitate a common credit risk policy throughout the enterprise, as well as simplify deployment of cross-sell opportunities. Finally, Version 6.

0 also enhances support for SPOC 3 (Zoot's venerable decision engine), such as virtually unlimited credit application fields, providing a high level of flexibility. About Zoot Enterprises Bozeman, Mont.-based Zoot Enterprises provides large financial institutions with highly configurable, credit bureau independent instant credit decisioning and loan origination systems. Its fast, flexible and highly secure solutions reduce risk and improve performance for seven of the top ten U.S. financial institutions accounting for more than 100 million credit transactions a year.

The company's product lines support a wide range of transactions and allow clients to adapt to market changes in real-time. The ability to meet virtually any credit origination need has led to the company's long-term partnerships with the nation's most innovative financial institutions. Visit www.zootweb.com or call 406.

586.5050 for more information.

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