Travel To PANAMA And Meet EL PALMAR Beach And Enjoy And Invest In This Charming Place

Traveling to Panama is an unforgettable experience. Your visit to this charming country, and the different place you could see will amaze you and without a doubt will inspire you to come back during you next vacations to enjoy the delights that this country offers. Panama has plenty of places that you must see and enjoy in its 9 provinces. One of these places is the Panama Canal, considered to be the eight wonder of the World. While in Panama if you want to enjoy a beach, just come to Cocle and meet El Palmar, a beautiful beach with clear waters, white sand and spectacular scenery. If you are interested in extreme sports this beach is perfect for surfing, with its big waves.

You can also walk around and discover the area. How to get to El Palmar All you have to do is come to Cocle, which is only an hour and a half away from Panama. You can travel by car or bus. The bus stop is pretty far from the beach, so you will need a cab.

Camping is very nice at El Palmar, there are several palm trees and it is a calm area where you will enjoy the sunrise. There is also a resort where you can stay for your convenience. In Cocle you will find land for sale near El Palmar beach, if you are interested please call Interpanama Real Estate Agency al (+507) 202- 6562 or visit the webpage www. to assist you. Copyright by www.interpanama.


Ilya Kushnirskiy,author of this article is also the owner of Panama real estate and travel website.

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