The Workings Of Backing Up Movies To A Little DVD

You have a great video camera, and you love taking pictures of all the important events in your life. But, at the end of the day, you have dozens of small DVD. It would be easier to view, and a space saver, if you could answer the question: how do I copy a mini DVD? DVDs with copyright protection are not easy to burn.

You may want to make a spare copy of a video you love, so that if the original gets damaged, you still have what to watch. Of course, if there are just minor scratches, this can be fixed but inevitably a moment comes when the DVD is so seriously damaged that nothing helps. Sometimes the easiest you can do is go to the local DVD store and buy one more copy. However, if the DVD is out of print, this strategy does not work.

Video cameras are a great technological invention and thanks to it your memories can live for decades. However, you will hardly want your memories to be buried inside the camera. This is somehow inconvenient, especially when you want to show your videos to somebody, who is thousand miles away. Sending the video camera itself is not an option, so you obviously need to find a way to get your videos from inside the camera. In order to enjoy and share your videos, you definitely need to move the data to a normal sized DVD, so you can watch on a computer or television, without all the hassle of taking the camera wherever you go. Then, you can also make duplicates for friends and family who may also appreciate seeing a memory they were unable to share at the time it was being made.

Fortunately, moving your videos from your video camera to a Mini DVD is very easy. It is even easier than copying a copy protected DVD because there is no decryption software involved. But this does not mean that there are no challenges in the process. First, you mini DVD will not fit into the computer's player.

So, you will still have to hook up the camera to your laptop or desktop. In addition, you must have the capability to burn DVDs. Once the camera is attached to the computer, copy the files to the hard drive. Once moved, you will need a program to edit the information, after you have all mini DVDs on the computer.

With editing and shrinking, you can properly prepare for taking the data from the hard drive to a blank DVD. As you see, copying Mini DVDs is not difficult at all. So, when you have a vacation, make as many movies as you like and rest assured that you can always transfer the mini DVDs to a normal-sized DVD. The best is that you can remove all the moments you don't like and then make a copy for yourself, your friends and family and watch it whenever you like.

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