The Tools You Need To Succeed

In order to promote a home based business or network marketing business, you need to do more than simply get people to sign up to your generic marketing website. I have taken the liberty of listing some of the tools I use. They work for me, so they should work for you.

To professionally conduct business online, you need your own, personalized email address. Avoid using free email accounts such as Yahoo, Hotmail, or Gmail. If you use free email account, you wont be seen as dedicated or professional. It will be a LOT harder to make sales, as people will see you as somewhat of a scammer. M.J. looks far more professional when compared with

When you first register with a home business, you are given your own replicated website for bringing people to, if you aren't. WHY NOT? When i signed up with GRN, i selected my own domain name ( You need to register a domain with hosting. The main reason for this being, you have unlimited customization options with your own website.

Replicated sites only give you a certain amount of options. To become effective and successful in marketing your home business, it is most important that you have possess tools you need to be able to go about your business. Without the right tools, you can't succeed. A chef cannot cook without her tools, a marketer cannot market without hers. You need to make the home page of your new website, an opt in page. This enables to obtain the contact details of everyone coming to your website.

At this point, an auto responder comes in handy. Auto responders are used to automate all the tasks of following up on customers. It keeps track of the number of people that open your emails, click on your links, unsubscribe and allows you to manage everyone on your list seamlessly. These are not just a few of the tools i use. This is IT. i only use these tools, and no others.

A home business is not as complicated as people may think. On my team, we keep it simple, yet highly effective.

Written by MJ Mascaro for and Global Resorts Network.

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