Promotional Tools for eBay Stores

Ebay has this selling thing down to a fine art. You are provided with tools to help promote your eBay store. These tools have been well thought out and are very effective when used. You wouldnt open a store on Main Street in your home town and not promote it, would you? You need to promote your eBay store as well.

Ebay has much experience in promotion. You will be wise to make use of all of the tools they provide. 1.Customized Header: To turn on this feature, click on the checkbox, “Show my custom listing header in all of my listings”. The header will then appear at the top of the item description on all of your listings and in your item descriptions. The Custom Header will help promote your Store and bring more traffic to your store.

2.If you always have items for sale in all of your categories, you will want to include in your Store logo, a search box that allows buyers to search your Store and links to your custom categories, custom pages, and About Me page. *Note: Do Not use this feature unless you always have items for sale in every category. 3.

Use customized e-mail feature to promote your store and the items you have for sale to customers on your mailing list. To create a mailing list, go to the, “Manage My Store” page in My eBay, and click on the Email Marketing link in the Stores Marketing section in the left column. 4.

Print and distribute flyers to advertise your eBay Store and specific items in your store. To create your stores promotional flyer, first go to the “Manage My Store” page in My eBay and click the “Promotional Flyers” link in the marketing section. Then click “Create Promotional Flyer”. http://nicolenotion.

com/index.htm Thank you,


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