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Why do thousands of Arizonans have puddles under their bathroom sinks, windows that will not open and shake with terror when they consider putting their property on the Phoenix MLS? Moreover, what is that smell? It is the smell of buyers being burned because they failed to secure a real estate inspection. Just refer to the New York Times article of August 15, 2006, When Elevators Fail, City Falters for a perfect example of this serious problem.╣ Real estate inspections became a burning topic in Arizona when a red-hot Phoenix MLS combined with the strong sellers markets of 2004 and 2005 caused many buyers to not secure adequate or any real estate inspections. Real estate inspections and new construction, what happened? Not all construction companies are alike. Many are reputable, paying great attention to detail, while standing behind their work.

Others sprung up overnight due to the recent Phoenix MLS boom and employ unknown and unskilled day laborers off the street, while expecting one supervisor to oversee ten to twenty job sites! Forget about attention to detail! Of course, city inspections are required, but they only look for code violations, not shoddy work or outright mistakes. The frightening part is most mistakes can and are sealed into the walls and floors. This leaves buyers to discover major problems later, after the builder is long gone. Your home represents your single largest investment and honest mistakes can happen no matter whom you choose to build with. Protect your investment.

Have it inspected. What is the cost of a real estate inspection? Typically, between $300 and $600, but the final price depends on size and location. Nevertheless, this initial outlay is worthwhile considering the expense of rewiring or re-plumbing an entire house! Think about this. You may decide to sell your property. Once on the Phoenix MLS, your perspective buyer will certainly order a real estate inspection.

A small fee up front, at the time of construction, can prevent the anxiety of awaiting your buyers report and let you negotiate through the sale with the upper hand. Seriously consider it. A relatively small up front expense can let you enter the Phoenix MLS with confidence instead of sleepless nights. How can you arrange a real estate inspection? It is easy and most of the work can be done for you! I and agents like me know reputable licensed professionals, who can help you. In my own business, I always provide clients with a choice of at least three honest and dependable inspectors, who have excellent credentials. In addition, I always arrange at least three new construction real estate inspections, a good agent will.

The first is of the plumbing before the foundation is poured. The second takes place after the house has been roughed up, but prior to the installation of the walls and flooring. This real estate inspection allows for a check of the studding, plumbing, electrical and HVAC systems. The third real estate inspection is performed right before the buyer's final walk through.

After the third inspection, a list of necessary repairs is given to the buyer, who can discuss them with the builder. Do not get caught in the current Phoenix MLS frenzy! Be smart and protect your hard earned money with a new construction inspection. Later, when you decide to sell, enter the Phoenix MLS with confidence.

Philip Rosenberg assists both families and investors in all types of real estate transactions. He is a licensed Realtor in Arizona. Phil has testified as an expert on real estate contracts before state appointed mediators. Search the Phoenix MLS at

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