Make Money Online When They Say Yes or No

This is kind of confusing for some people but it shouldn't be. It is very obvious why people will sign up if they say yes but it isn't as obvious why they would sign up if they said NO. Let me give you this example. You are asked by someone that has plenty of money, If they offered you $250 thousand dollars, would you jump out of his airplane for that sum without a parachute? The obvious answer you give is an emphatic: NO WAY! If you had said YES, I WOULD, you would be walking around with $250,000.00 in your pocket! We often fail to ask for the details with something that seems so outlandish. You see, the plane was parked on the runway and all you had to do is jump from the door to the runway.

Let's look at the details of what we offer people that we are marketing to. If you directly market your Home Based Business online, you are pushing your stalled car uphill. You might get it into the gas station 3 blocks away but it may take some time. (There is another gas station ˝ block behind you, which is downhill.) If I were to offer you a way to make money marketing your online business thru a "Funded Marketing Sponsoring System" that will make money for you whether or not your prospects were interested in your primary business would this be of interest to you? If you said no and you are directly marketing your home based business online, I hope you have a lot of money! The obvious answer is to say, "I want to take a look at this".

Why would you want to take a look at this? There is a benefit to you and we need to sell benefits and solutions online. (No matter what the product is.) We are so wrapped up in the features of our products that we forget people want to know what it will do for me. Here is the Benefit of the "Funded Marketing Sponsoring System". When you share this system with others, many of those prospects will not be interested at all in your primary business opportunity. Many of these prospects are searching for a "solution" to their marketing failure.

The Marketing System is that solution. As they begin to use it to market their own online business opportunity, you earn some additional revenue. Hence, you solve their problem marketing their business and you make money. This money can and should be used to "FUND" your advertising campaigns. You will eventually learn how to "split" your advertising to market for your primary home based business as well as deriving the benefits from marketing to your competition.

So far, we have really addressed marketing to your competition, which is what you primarily do when marketing online. You will see how to market in both directions while using the "Funded Marketing Sponsoring System".

Learn more marketing tips from Stephen Sampson by visiting his marketing Blog at: Learn How to Build Your Own Funded Sponsoring Business

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