How To Create hundreds Of Free MLM Leads With Ebay

One of the things that I get asked often is "How do I generate MLM leads without spending any money?" While there are many free lead generation tools, one of my favorites is Ebay. Why Ebay? Well, with Ebay instead of paying to generate leads, your leads are paying you! The number one reason that people fail in this industry is they run out of advertising funds before they make money. If your leads are paying you, you can build a huge downline while making money, instead of spending money. Additionally, these are actually BETTER leads than you can buy from a lead generation company because you get their current and accurate contact information.

Studies show that the person who is most likely to buy a product again are someone who has already bought a similar product. At The Internet Marketing Main Event conference, I learned that if you get proven BUYERS and not freebie seekers, then you will build a much more responsive prospect base to work from. Now, that you understand the power of using Ebay as a prospecting tool, I want to give you some ideas as to what to sell on there.

While these tips are geared toward my opportunity in the personal development industry, you can easily adapt them to any opportunity. 1) Look around your house. Do you have any old motivational cd's lying around that you haven't played in a while? I know I sure do! Why not sell them for cash!! 2) Go to Goodwill and buy motivational books and tapes. You can get books at Goodwill for as little as 50 cents.

I once bought Tony Robbins's Personal Power cd set at Goodwill for $48 (retail value of $300) and sold it on Ebay for $120. Cha ching! Side note: you can also use this strategy on 3) Sell public domain works.

After a certain period of time, books fall out of copyright and become part of the public domain. You can resell the book over and over legally without paying a penny in royalties. Check Google for public domain resources and courses that you can buy. 4) Sell resale rights products. Many software products come with what's called resale rights. Resale rights simply means that you have the right to resell the software without paying anyone.

Just buy a resale rights product related to making money online, resell it and suddenly, you have a lead who is interested in online money making opportunities, don't you? 5) Create your own product. You can write your own little booklet about making money or personal development and resell it on Ebay. Here are some other tips: 1) Use your about me page to give out free reports to build your list. 2) Set your minimum bid really low to attract a lot of bidders. When the auction ends, then contact them and offer them a free gift related to your opportunity. Now that you read this article, you should be full of ideas.

Now, go get them!.

Carlos Scarpero is the MLM expert for and host of the Network Marketing Minute podcast. He can be reached at

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