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The term debt consolidation refers to the process of taking a single loan to pay off other debts. Contrary to popular belief, debt consolidation is not a negative move and debt consolidation is a positive move in most cases. To understand debt consolidation, let's assume an individual has a car loan, a home loan and credit card debts that he is currently paying off. The individual could choose to take a single loan and pay off all debts. In the above mentioned example, the individual is considering debt consolidation to simplify his existing debts.

Not all debt consolidation is carried out for convenience, it is also possible that a person is about to default on his existing loan payment and might need to consider debt consolidation to pay off his existing debt. Although this form of debt consolidation is often confused with predatory lending, the truth is that people can get reasonable interest rates if they are willing to put up collateral against the loan. It is important to remember, that finance companies will look at an individual's credit history and prior debts before deciding on an interest rate for the loan. People that are choosing debt consolidation to avoid defaulting on payments should look for a low interest loan. Also, collateral should only be put up if an individual is confident that he/she can meet payments for the new loan. Another possible scenario for debt consolidation is to get a lower interest rate.

An individual could be paying multiple loans at different interest rates, and debt consolidation can be carried out to simplify the payments as well as receive a lower interest rate. In fact, many people only consider debt consolidation when they are offered a loan at a lower interest rate. As far as debt consolidation goes, lower interest rates are a big motivation to consider debt consolidation. The reasons listed above are not the only ones for debt consolidation and debt consolidation can be carried out depending on an individual's preference. Debt consolidation firms Although debt consolidation is not rocket science, people prefer hiring the services of a debt consolidation firm for their debt consolidation. Hiring a debt consolidation firm has the following advantages: Get expert inputs on existing debts Not all debts are best paid for straight away, sometimes it is prudent let an existing loan run its course instead of paying for it in full.

A debt consolidation expert will know exactly which debts should be targeted and which ones should be left alone. Also, individuals can get inputs on existing debts and get expert advice on how to avoid debts in the future. Consolidate much faster Debt consolidation experts are adept at finding the ideal debt consolidation solution fast.

Individuals looking for debt consolidation in a hurry do not have the luxury to carry out extensive market research and do a detailed analysis of their debt portfolio; debt consolidation firms are the ideal option in such cases, as they are aware of all major debt consolidation options and can build a debt consolidation plan much faster. Debt consolidation firms help clients find the best deal It is in the debt consolidation firm's best interests that their customers receive the best debt consolidation advice possible. Apart from establishing a market reputation, debt consolidation firms also make sure that all their clients benefit positively from their services. An individual can choose to consolidate his own debts, but the procedure is often time consuming and requires thorough research.

In addition, there is a possibility that a person might make errors in calculation and might choose to consolidate debts that do not need consolidation. Whereas a debt consolidation expert will know exactly which debts to work on and which deal will benefit his client. Finally, debt consolidation experts can work much faster and can offer debt consolidation advice in a limited time frame.

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