The Easiest Part Time Home Business
by: James DeFazio

For most of us, earning a few extra dollars a month can make a big difference in our lifestyle. But like most of us we work full time jobs, have busy schedules and don’t have the time to devote three or four hours a day to working a second job.

The one thing we all do have is opinions on almost everything, so why not get paid for having them?

There are over 7 million companies out there that are looking to find out what people think of their new products or how effective their advertising is. This information is incredibly important to these companies and they are willing to pay a lot of money to find out the answers.

Online Market Research is a $766 Million Dollar Industry. So why not get your share of this money?

Taking online surveys is the easiest way to make money on the internet. You can take these surveys at your convenience, any time day or night. They generally pay anywhere from $5 up to $250 for taking simple online surveys to participating in online focus groups.

There is generally a very small one time sign up cost anywhere from $25 to $45. Don’t let this deter you. You will make that money up after your first one or two surveys. This charge also eliminates the not so serious people from just signing up and wasting surveys that could be going to you.

An online survey is usually one or two pages long consisting of about 10 to 20 questions that take very little time to fill out. An online focus group takes more time and could involve a series of questionnaires to fill out but they pay much more.
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